The following works will be presented at the exhibition in Vienna: "Finalists of the competition "WATERCOLORium" "2020.Vienna"
1) Information for authors declaring their participation in the form of photocopies (in absentia participation):
а) the organizing committee prints the files sent by the author on watercolor paper, draws up and places at the exhibition, only in the original size. Reducing the size of the photocopy in relation to the original is not allowed;
b) The absentee participant of the exhibition should pay the administrative fee for printing and designing the works: а) If the picture format is up to А3: 10 euros/sheet; b) format up to A2: 20 euros / sheet; c) format up to A1: 35 euros / sheet;
c) transportation of printed paintings from Moscow to Vienna and back: free of charge.
2) information for authors claiming participation with the original picture (in person participation):
а) a in person participant of the exhibition must pay an administrative fee - registration of a permit for the export of works from Russia (state duty of Rosokhrankultura) - 1350 rubles;
b) transportation of original paintings from Moscow to Vienna and back: free of charge. The organizing committee will not be able to transport paintings with glass.
3) Information for all participants:
а) all participants of the "WATERCOLORium" contest are published in the catalog "WATERCOLORium in the World. Vienna";
b) all participants receive diplomas of the participant or winner, in accordance with the score;
c) the lists of finalists of the competition for the season "2020 Vienna" are given in "Finalists 2020, Vienna",
d) photo galleries of all participants are posted in the section "Photo gallery of participants 2020, Vienna";
e) The points received by the participants of the "2020 Vienna" season contest will be placed in the "Participants" section after the end of the exhibition in Vienna (February 5, 2020).

We invite everyone to take part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition: January 28, 2020, 18:30.
Exhibition Address: Russisches Kulturinstitut Wien, Brahmsplatz 8, 1040 Vienna