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Press release of the WATERCOLORium International Watercolor Contest

International Watercolor Contest


The WATERCOLORium International Watercolor Contest was founded by the World Art Fund with the goal of promoting watercolor art all over the world, opening up a broad look at several interpretations of this painting technique beyond any geographic boundary. The project aims to spread and exchange cultures among artists of all nationalities to help talented people gain new perspectives and additional opportunities to take part in relevant international art events.

The competition is attended by watercolorist artists of any nationality and from any country from 16 years and older.

The theme of the competition is free, the presented works must be written by watercolor, pure or with a small retouch tempera or other means (e.g. masking liquid, ink) that do not change the very nature of the painting with water.


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The special pride of the organizers is the composition of the members of the Expert Council/jury, whose professional view will allow to determine from more than 500 works the best, which will be presented at the Exhibition.

The Expert Council included a whole group of worldwide famous watercolourists and leaders of international communities of watercolorist artists.

Among them:

  1. Ze Ze Lai - President of the International Watercolor Society of Hong Kong (IWS Hong Kong), Vice President of the International Watercolor Society (IWS Global), Vice President of the Federation of Hong Kong Artists, Founder of the International Watercolor Journal, Editor of "Treasures of Watercolor Masters" magazine
  2. NB Gurung - Vice-President of the International Watercolor Society of Nepal; Member of Society of Artists of Nepal and Commercial Artists Association of Nepal
  3. Julia Kochetova - Leader of the International Watercolor Society of Poland, curator of the Kharkov branch of the International Watercolor Society in Ukraine, curator and founder of the international watercolor competition "Step by Step."
  4. Jan Min - Master Participant of the International Watercolor Society (IWS World, IWS Mexico, IWS Czech, IWS Indonesia), winner of the World Watercolor Exhibition in Gauda
  5. Antonio Masi - President of the American Watercolor Society (AWS)
  6. Alfred (Freddy) Krupa - Professor, who previously taught at the University of Zagreb and the Polytechnic University in Karlovac, also former guest lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (ALU) in the topic Watercolor.
  7. Dario Ortiz Robledo - Colombian neorealist artist known for his contemporary compositions based on classic stories.
  8. Silvia Monge - One of the executives of Asociación Costarricense de Artistas Visuales (ACAV) (Spain)
  9. Ljubisa Penev - Leader of the International Watercolor Association in Serbia
  10. Jansen Chow - Member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS) and the National Watercolor Society (NWS).
  11. Chiayee Lam Chiayee received the Northeast Aquarelle V Society Excellence Award at the 41st NEWS New York Exhibition

and other famous watercolorists.

In total, the jury of the WATERCOLORium International Watercolor Competition has over 30 well-known watercolor artists from around the world.



All participants of the International Watercolor Contest "WATERCOLORium", eligible to participate in the competition for the semi-final, will be published in the International Catalog "WATERCOLORium in WORLD". Catalogue structure: winners are published in the 1st part, finalists in the 2nd part, and the remaining semi-finalists in the 3rd part. The catalogue will also publish the words of the masters of watercolors from among the members of the jury, who wrote a few words about the work they liked. 

Organizer: World Fund of Arts

American Watercolor Society (AWS);
Eurasian Art Union;
Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists (ACAV);
NextArt Global Art Agency;
NextArt Foundation

Informational partner:

International magazine of watercolorists “Watercolor arts”

Watercolor seems like a light, smooth, blurry technique, but it can be very concrete, sharp, graphic at the same time. Watercolor works are very versatile and invariably captivate with their airiness, always causing a desire to try this “marine” technique yourself.

The art of watercolor painting is not subject to even all professional artists. It is a special technique that requires sensitivity, subtlety of execution and does not allow mistakes. With gentle watery watercolor paints you will either be friends immediately, or you will be building relationships with it for a long time.

However, to date watercolor is one of the most popular drawing techniques and attracts more and more artists.

Of all the submitted applications, 40 best works will be selected, which will be exhibited in Gostiny Dvor. All works, including those that have not passed to the exposition, will be published in a wide-format catalogue. All participants of the contest will receive diplomas, and winners will be awarded honorary prizes.

We are waiting for you at an incredible holiday - a collection of professional watercolors from around the world!