How to Participate

"WATERCOLORium" International Watercolor Contest

How to Participate

The international contest "WATERCOLORium" is held in two stages: semi-final and final.

Application deadlines are indicated in the section: "Geography"


Stage 1 (semi-final): 
registration of participants and evaluation of competitive works by jury members 

All works registered within the time periods specified in the section "Geography" are allowed to participate in the competition

Registration process: 

1 form (preferred):

The author registers his works in electronic form.
The organizing committee confirms the conformity of the nomination and sends a link to pay the registration fee. After payment, the author sends a receipt or screenshot to; and the submitted works participate in the competition.

2 form of registration: Send a set of registration materials to the Organizing Committee.
 Materials are sent to email: 
The registration set includes: 
1) application form (download Word or PDF);
2) labels for each competition entry (download Word or PDF);
3) photo of the author (at least 3x4 cm in size);
4) photographs of competitive works (not less than 200 dpi, not more than 20 Mb);
5) copy of the registration fee payment (see sections "Cost of participation")

(a copy or screenshot of the payment receipt is sent together with the registration materials)

Jury: Submitted works are evaluated by the jury. The list of jury members and information about them is available on the page "Expert Council" 

Based on the results of the evaluation work, the jury determines the list of works that will be presented in the final and at the exhibition.

Stage 2 (final):
exhibition of finalists and announcement of winners.
Competitive exposition of participants of the final is placed in the exhibition space specified in the section "Geography" 

Number of works allowed for the finale:
a) No less than 36 watercolor works with the maximum number of points are allowed in the finals.
b) Also in the final exposition are placed works that have been marked and / or commented by members of the jury.
The list of works with the number of points scored and comments by the jury members is placed in the section "Winners". Each participant will be able to evaluate their professional level.

Presentation form of works at the final:
The final exposition consists of two sections: originals and photocopies.
a) Originals: Original works are executed in accordance with the standard requirements for the exhibition: the works are placed on a solid basis, with the possibility of hanging them on a vertical wall.
b) Photocopies: photocopies are printed on watercolor paper.
If the author cannot submit the originals of his works to the exhibition, the organizing committee will print out the submitted files, place it on a solid basis and present it in the exhibition space, together with the original works.The size of the printed files is the original size of the picture in the range from A4 to A1 (if the work is larger than A1, the reduction will be proportional).