Президент IWS Holland



Hannie Rieuwerts

The unpredictable flow of the paint and the colours merging into each other attracted me to watercolour painting 30 years ago. Even now every painting is an adventure, a challenge between the pigments, the water and myself.I like watercolor for its transparency but also for the ability to work very powerfully. I look for atmosphere and mood in every subject I paint. Light and dark play an important role in all my paintings.

I am the founder and chairman of IWS Holland.

I exhibit at home and abroad and I have received many prizes and awards during my watercolor career

A few years ago I was the face of (and on) the  Talens water colour sets in the “ That’s Me “ campaign in 40 countries world-wide in honour of the Van Gogh Year (limited edition)

I give watercolour workshops and art classes .www.aquarieuwerts.nl

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Hannie Rieuwerts 2