Darío Ortizis a Colombianself-taughtartist, whoseworksit in thecrossroadswherereligiousthemesmeetshumanistobservationto capture thebeauty of the human body, whilecreatinganemotionalmomenttoconnectwiththeviewer.  Ortiz’swork “…isthepath of creation, that has as itsgoal, thestunningexpression of thepainting.  In thisunpredictableexchangebetweenthesilenttalent of a painter and thedemands of themedium in which he works, histrajectoryisguidedbydevotiontothematerialization of images and ideas thatcouldnotexist in anyformotherthan in hisownpainting, uponthe spread hiscanvas.”

He currently resides in Mexico, and hiswork can be seen in severalexhibitionsaroundtheworld, incluingthe 58th VeniceBiennale and the 8th Beijing International Art Bienale.

Dario Ortiz Robledo

Dario Ortiz Robledo2


2016 Dario Ortiz los censores y el miedo Acuarela papel 130x110cm


2013 El grito Acuarela papel 26x36 cm


2012 En el bosque acuarela papel 50x70cm


2011 Monaguillo Acuarela papel 52x27cm