Richard Tiejun Chao is a world renowned watercolorist living in Sydney, Australia. 

Born in a family of artistic atmosphere,he has accomplished 11-year systematic professional study on oil painting and obtained Master’s Degree of Art. Taking a contemporary perspective, he depicts his interpretation on the human world in his realistic paintings. An explorative artist as he is, Richard tries out the possibilities of watercolor as a medium with huge size paintings. His models are people from every corners of the world with diverse and unique customs and cultures, as well as religions, which amaze him; while the common feature among these people from all walks of life, their sufferings and happiness, impresses him. His expertise and endeavour on painting have won him awards and reputation world wide. In last years, he’s been winners or finalists in over 40 prizes and his art works’ve been exhibited and solo exhibitions have been held in 5 continents. Meanwhile, his artworks are featured in the international leading journals. His paintings are collected by museums, galleries and private collectors. Richard travels around the world to international art exhibitions and art festivals. He is also invited to jury contests, give demonstrations, workshops and lectures in Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

Solo Exhibition 

Watercolor Solo Exhibition, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Aug. 2016年8月 

“Richard TiejunChao and His Watercolor” Solo Exhibition, Live In Art Sydney,  NSW, May 2018

“Identity”— Richard Chao’s Watercolor Solo Exhibition, Live In Art Sydney,  NSW, Mar 2019 




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Richard Tiejun Chao4

Richard Tiejun Chao5

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