IWS Latvia co-representative
Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian theatre co-representative
Curator of cultural and artistic activities
Chinese painter and licensed senior urban designer  

30 years of experience in urban architecture projects. 
10 years of art experience in Chinese arts at master Yuan Ji, a famous artist of Ling Nan school.
Graduated from Beijing University of Civil Engineering & Architecture(1990)

Good at portrait and landscape painting also illustrations. Unique skill in the stage fast drawing. 

A few years ago Mary moved from China to Latvia, Riga. She got involved in the art life of the city and began to spread her knowledge to Chinese art lovers of Latvia. Together with Latvian partner she established Latvia – China Association of Culture and began to develop cultural exchange projects as well. Many art projects have been done, such as the photo and painting exhibition of Latvian National Opera and Ballet in Beijing, China in 2016. She also successfully held lots of solo/joint art exhibitions and organized master courses of Chinese calligraphy in different cities of Russia and Latvia. Her interests in the fashion world also show people the dress collection in collaboration with Latvian designer brand „Zephyr”.  
Recently in 2019,  she was invited by the Gansu Cultural Tourism Bureau. Mary led Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian theater successfully participating in the closing ceremony of the 4th Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Fair and the 9th Dunhuang Travel · Silk Road International Tourism Festival. 

As a very open-minded person, Mary is always ready to collaborate and create unforgettable memories globally. Her motto in Chinese is “感受美,传播美,与美同在。”


Facebook: Mary Zhang

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